Tre OG Medical Cannabis Review 

Today I went to my dispensary and got a few new items. The one I am reviewing today is Hybrid #27- Tre OG: CBD:<0.09%, THC: 24.74%

I was told it is the most potent one they currently have, and it’s great for day and night. Highly recommend by the budtender.

My pain today: 10+ all over: mainly neck, back, and a horrible migraine .

  • I’m smoking from a glass bowl.
  • First time using any THC products for the day.
  • Smell: extremely strong, very enjoyable.
  • Once ran through the grinder, a small nug fluffed up to a full grinder full.

First puff at 12:29pm very smooth, not bad tasting at all. There is a very distinctive smell and taste but hard for me to pin point something to compare it to. Just from that one puff I notice a difference in my head, pain is down to a 8 already neck and back still around a 9. (10 being the worst)

Second puff at 12:31 pm: Feeling a slight heaviness in my eyes. Seems to be working wonders for my migraines I’m at a 6 out of 10. Neck and back still around a 9.

At this point 12:33pm I feel a slight spacey but also energized.

At 12:35 I took two more puffs and I feel like this is good for me. My headache is about a 5 and my neck is down to a 7. My back is still hurting bad around a 9.

Now I wait to see how long it last.

The effects were pretty much gone by 1:30 pm.

Overall I give this a 9 out of 10 (10 being the best)

Remember everyone is different, so this may affect me differently than it would you. I really enjoy this strain and I would buy it again.

Disclosure: I am a medical patient, so make sure you know the laws in each state. Always be careful trying new items, and never drive under the influence. This is only to help other medical patients or those in fully legal states. Thank you.


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