Twisted Hemp Wraps: Grape Burst, Review

Twisted Hemp Wraps: Grape Burst, Review

       I love rolling, it has been my goal to become super good at it, since what else better do I have to do. So of course I recently got into rolling blunts. If you have experience in rolling them yourself or can roll a great joint then you should have no problem with these.wrap

There are 4 to a pack. You can buy in bulk which is always cheaper. Amazon has a great selection of different packs you can get for different prices, and flavors. But overall theses are fairly priced.

I myself found it very easy to roll with. They didn’t get dry as fast as some others I’ve tried, which is nice. BUT there is no gum. I found this extremely difficult. You have to put a lot of saliva on it to get it to stick together, which is a pain, but the taste of the wrap is pleasant so it’s not a total big deal.

As I was smoking it about half way down it started to come apart and I had to put it out. The total smoking time was around 10 mins for me. This can vary from person to person depending how fast you smoke and what you put in it.

I thought this wrap had a great smell and taste of grape. As I was smoking it I could taste hints of grape, which was awesome since I have found with other papers and wraps you don’t get the taste you were hoping for. blut

This wrap didn’t make me cough at all, it has to be one of the least harsh ones I have used.

They state that they’re produced from hemp and no tobacco ingredients . This is great for those who don’t smoke tobacco or have quit.

Overall I give this product an 8 out of 10 (10 being the best) I think they are a really great product. I’ll most likely buy them again. But with no gum it makes it hard to stick, and when its falling apart half way through it’s just a pain. They are defiantly for a more experienced roller so keep that in mind.

Disclosure: This product states only for use with legal smoking products. In no way am I getting any profit from this review. I did this to share my own experience with these wraps. I am in a medical legal sate for Cannabis so make sure to check state laws for your own cannabis laws. Thank you.



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